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Competition is fierce and first impressions count more than ever before. Early stage companies and small businesses are the most fragile, have the least resources, and face the biggest challenges. Developing a new startup business is one of the most difficult and demanding jobs and requires far more than a just great idea or seed funding from friends and family to get started.  Today's entrepreneurs need experience in at least five key business disciplines to succeed, including product development, finance, sales, marketing and operations.

There are hundreds of consultants eager and willing to provide advice, counsel and critiques on your business plan, fundraising presentation, marketing plans and more. How many of them have been in your shoes and have had to write their own business plan, build elevator pitches, develop the magical 12 slide-8 minute fundraising presentation while managing employees and developing a product? Only consultants with actual experience in startups should be your partner and guide.

Mentoring and Consulting

BrainstormingEntrepreneurs and their teams need to design the initial business model and launch strategy to include both their vision ("dream big") and tactics ("start small") along with the allocation of resources to get there ("take confident steps along the way').

If you have a true passion to succeed in your business journey, realize that your challenges cannot be solved in isolation, and are open and willing to accept the professional advice of others you are the perfect fit for our services.



Business and Personal Image

Worldwide ImageIt is true that you are judged by the company you keep and your company is judged by the image you project. For men, we offer one-on-one personal styling and shopping services, just click below to learn more.

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Today's global entrepreneurs need more than a great idea to succeed. Women entrepreneurs must go the extra mile to get their ideas funded. We offer one-on-one professional styling assistance to today's business women giving her the confidence she needs to succeed. Click below to learn more.


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