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Small Business Consulting

It takes a systematic process to get from where you are today to where you want your business to be in the future. If you're like most small business owners, you probably focus most of your time and attention on what you do best, since that's where your interest, passions and experience lie. You may have little or no formal training in business management, leadership, sales, marketing, planning or financing and have never worked with a business consultant. As your business consultant, we help you stay on top of the issues facing your business, develop your business leadership and management skills, and find practical, cost-effective solutions so that you:

  • Pinpoint where you want your business to go
  • Develop a roadmap with concrete, realistic, and effective steps to get you there
  • Set and achieve business goals and milestones
  • Streamline business systems and procedures
  • Control business finances
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Develop cost-effective marketing strategies
  • Hire and retain the right employees
  • Attract more of your ideal clients and projects
  • Reduce stress
  • Extend your runway and keep more cash in the bank

Making informed decisions is key to business success, however, most executives do not have the luxury of time or staff to research the issues or potential new opportunities. Certain business situations demand that you make prompt decisions and effectively implement them. As the business owner or senior executive, these decisions are yours to make. In some cases, you may have a very active Board of Directors that are providing relevant and helpful guidance, but in most cases, you do not have an experienced set of trusted advisors that you can turn to for insightful advice and informed guidance. As your business consultant, we provide you with innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, objective insights and proven approaches from real-world experience that help you make more informed business decisions with confidence.

If you need some hands-on training for your staff or organization, our business workshop programs can help you operate your business more profitably, effectively and sanely. Workshop topics range from strategic planning, to marketing, solution selling, business finances, presentation skills, global business etiquette, and work life balance.

Consulting Packages

Consulting ProjectOur standard offerings listed below can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Business Plan Review: Let us perform a comprehensive review of the business plan that you have already written and provide a concise summary of suggestions to enhance your plan's format, elements, organization, and your proposed business model.

Marketing Plan Review: The key to attracting clients is to have a compelling marketing message which pinpoints your target market, clearly communicates your value proposition and differentiates your from your competition. We look at your current plan, messaging, positioning, and your tactical actions and then provide you with a concise summary of suggestions to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Business Controls Review: All businesses need a series of checks and balances to effectively measure your business progress. Internal controls are an essential part of keeping your business healthy. Let us perform a review, recommend and help implement a set of checks and balances to help you maintain productivity and efficiency while optimizing your resources and capital.

Business Infrastructure Review: All business need to provide an infrastructure that makes your employees productive and allows them to focus on their contributions to the success of your business. From HR process, to software tools, to business practices, let us review, recommend and help implement a processes and tools that positively impact your employee morale and effectiveness.

Custom Business Development and Writing: Let us partner with you to develop and professionally write a customized comprehensive business plan that clearly defines and articulates your proposed business and positions you for your fundraising activities.

Custom Marketing Plan Development and Writing: Let us partner with you to research, develop and write a standalone marketing plan that focuses on identifying the elements, objectives, activities and the plan of action that produces a competitive advantage.

Custom Feasibility Study Development and Writing: Let us perform a detailed investigation and analysis of factors that may impact your project to determine whether or not the project is viable. The study will examine the economic, marketing, technical, managerial, and financial aspects of your proposed business idea. If the project is deemed feasible from the results of the study then the next step is to include it in your Business Plan.

Hourly Consulting Services

Hourly ServicesWe offer hourly consulting services that can be purchased in blocks of time ranging from one hour to sixteen (16) hours.


For customers residing outside of Oahu, in-person consulting services must be purchased in blocks of eight (8) hours and do not include travel expenses which are billed separately.


The topics well suited to hourly consulting include: 


 - Sales, Marketing and Business Development 


 - Business and Strategic Planning 


 - Business Management and Leadership 


 - Technology Transfer


 - Intellectual Property Portfolio Reviews 


 - Small Business Financial Management 


 - Hiring, Downsizing, Employee Retention 


 - Software Implementation and Training 


 - Identifying Distribution Partners


 - Global Expansion Planning 


 - Writing and/or Editing Grant Submissions 


 - Due Diligence for Private and Angel Investors

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